Monday, October 2, 2017

Never really tried to paint.. I mean, the real stuff. Been curious how certain medium mixes with one another and the effect it produces. My mid-career dream is to be become an Art teacher. Yes. I said it. I have always been fascinated with craft work and painting. It just that I just can't find the time (excuses....) So now with Youtube being my main teacher, I have learnt quite a few things from. We have to catch up with IOT. The internet teacher is here to stay and evolve. Might as well ride the waves, right? 
 Owl on a tree...colour pencil + oil pastel and water colour...
 Hulk...Chinese ink + oil pastel + marker
Fire Dragon...Pencil + chinese ink + oil pastel

 3D....Colour pencil + pencil shading
 Explosion....Oil pastel + acrylic paint
 Bloody Earthy Hands.....Oil pastel + acrylic
 Motifs......Oil pastel
 2 sides of War.....collage + oil pastel + acrylic
 Eye See You....shading + oil pastel
 My past hand crafted mini-work series, themed "Singapore Hawker Culture"
 Been always fascinated with toys that moves...
 Mask making for my kids..
Japanese Koi, Pen